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HypnoCoach® Certification Course

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 In this expanded and updated course you'll
get more course time and practice than ever before!

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Learn About Becoming a Certified HypnoCoach® -
For Your Clients' Success and Your Own! 

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Becoming a Certified HypnoCoach® is

An exciting opportunity to expand your career!

A practical and experiential course
which provides the step-by-step time-tested methods to add
my special brand of successful coaching to your existing practice!

Don't be confused by imitators...
 -- this is the real deal --
I coined the term & originated the HypnoCoach® process
 and have been using it in my practice for over 20 years...
® is
my registered trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office.

You'll learn specific tools and methods for synergistic success
that are more than just some hypnosis and coaching thrown together.

HypnoCoach® Certification will be awarded upon successful completion of the course and final exam.

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Who should attend?

If you want to expand your practice,
have a 
continuous stream of income from clients,
work in a 
totally flexible and portable way,
and help your
clients achieve dreams they never thought possible,
then  HypnoCoaching is right for you!

NOTE: This is an intermediate / advanced certification, requiring previous
 hypnotism training and some experience as a Certified Hypnotist. NLP basic knowledge or training will also be helpful but is not required.This class will not include basic training on how to hypnotize.

Being a HypnoCoach® expands your practice --

Work with more people,
keep existing clients longer,
encourage previous clients to return,
and even work with clients at a distance!

As a HypnoCoach® trained by me you'll be joining an elite group of serious professionals across the U.S. and internationally.

In this interesting and interactive course
you'll learn how to make the most of
the skills you already have in  Hypnotism and NLP to add
  effective and  lucrative HypnoCoaching to your practice.* 

  • Are you looking for a way to expand your practice and increase your income?
  • Would it be rewarding to work with clients over time, instead of for just a few sessions?
  • Do you want to work with clients who are motivated to improve their life?
  • Are you already 'coaching' clients (or even friends or family) in some way and want a proven system of tools and techniques that can help you help them?
  • Do you want to work with people in an upbeat, active way, helping clients to move forward past their obstacles, helping them to achieve more than they ever thought possible?

My HypnoCoach® training prepares you with everything you need to begin as soon as you complete the course, and gives you an opportunity for 3 months of free follow-up support after graduation via optional group conference calls.

Do you want an exciting new service to offer to your existing client base?

Do you want a stream of consistent income, and long-term client relationships?

Do you want to use your skills in Hypnotism and NLP in new ways?

Do you want a totally flexible, totally portable career that you can do whenever and wherever you have access to a phone?

If you said YES! to any of the above,
then becoming a HypnoCoach® is right for you!*

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It doesn't get better than this!

You can continue your practice as is --  seminars, groups, individual clients, and still add HypnoCoaching to increase your income and the scope of your practice.

Many healthy would-be clients need and want help to balance their lives, but they don't see themselves as needing any kind of "therapy" or "counseling" and they may not be looking for "hypnotism" or "hypnotherapy".

Coaching is what they're looking for, and HypnoCoaching
® gives you the competitive advantage.

Hypnosis clients are usually gone after a few sessions, and may not return.

® clients stay with you -- 3 months or more -- maybe even over 10 years!  Not because they aren't making progress, but because they are!

You can work from home, on vacation -- or anywhere that you have access to a phone or Skype!  You can be paid in advance, and have a continuous income, and even be paid wherever you are, via email!

Best of all, you'll be working with good people who want to be even better -- and you'll have all the skills you need, to help them achieve what they've only dreamed of.

It may also be a life-enhancing experience for YOU, personally...
This is an experiential course, where you will personally explore the same methods that you will later use with your HypnoCoach® clients. Many of my past students have made major decisions, or found clarity or direction regarding aspects of their own lives, by participating in the methods you'll experience in class.

In this interesting and interactive course you'll learn:
  • The difference between therapy and coaching.
  • The background needed to be a great HypnoCoach®.
  • The specific process using my HypnoCoach® tools that utiize your background in Hypnosis and NLP to help your clients achieve goals greater than they've imagined.
  • How and where to market for HypnoCoach® clients.
  • A step-by-step, session-by-session HypnoCoach® program to help get each new client off to a great start. 
  • Structure of sessions, formats, and scope of practice.
  • How to generate continuous income that you can count on -- and be paid even while you're on vacation.
  • Specific NLP patterns and tools to use in HypnoCoaching. 
  • How your hypnosis background gives your HypnoCoach® practice the edge over 'regular' coaches.
  • How to understand clients aims and goals and help them keep moving forward. 
  • Options for fee schedules and payment plans.
  • Very specific communication tools to help you be successful.
  • Proven, specialized tools and exercises to use with your clients to help them achieve their dreams.
HypnoCoach® Certification will be awarded upon successful completion of the course and an examination.

TAKE HOME MATERIALS:  An extensive workbook that includes class notes, many written tools and forms to use with clients, and resource list.

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Lisa Halpin, DCH, BCH, CI, OB  --  has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business (yes, you read that correctly) specializing in Marketing Managment and Marketing Research, and years of experience in the business world.  She earned a Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy (an alternative degree from a California state approved school) at AIH of California in 1993, is an NGH Board Certified Hypnotist, an NGH Certified Instructor, an NLP Practitioner, and an NGH Advisory Board Member.  In 2005, Lisa was inducted as a charter member of the prestigious NGH Order of Braid -- a lifetime achievement recognition for her contributions to the profession of hypnotism.  . 

She has been featured on the cover of the NGH Journal of Hypnotism, where she authors the column "Mind Over Matter" and is also a contributing author to "The New Consumers Guide to Hypnotism".  She has received the prestigious NGH President's award, Member of the Year award, and the Media award, and was featured in the NGH educational film "Women and Hypnosis".  She is also included as an "Obvious Expert Advisor" in the book "How to Position Yourself as the Obvious Expert in Coaching and Consulting" by Elsom Eldridge, Jr. and Mark Eldridge.  

She originated the HypnoCoach
® process over 20 years ago --  and still has some clients from almost that long ago.  She enjoys the forward-moving energy of working with HypnoCoach® clients, and has been rewarded both personally and financially while helping people achieve goal after goal and attain their dreams.  She developed and teaches the original HypnoCoach® training program for professionals using her time-tested methods and techniques. She has now trained HypnoCoach® professionals from more than a dozen countries all around the world.

What some of my students and colleagues say:
Audio Comments from Previous HypnoCoach® Grads


"Becoming a HypnoCoach® can revolutionize your practice. As it is often done by phone you can do it anywhere, anytime, even if you do not have an office. In my case I found the HypnoCoach® program to be a welcome addition to an already busy practice. It allowed me to work with a new sort of client who could be located anywhere in the country, and it allowed me to fill slots in my schedule with a paying client that might otherwise have gone empty. In the first year I added a dozen new client sessions each month to my practice using this method."
 "Lisa Halpin is a terrific instructor who has assembled a first-rate collection of materials. Her forms and guidelines allow one to add HypnoCoaching to your practice quickly and guide you to do it well."
The Rev. C. Scot Giles D.Min.
Counseling Ministries, Inc.
1211 East Pershing Avenue
Wheaton, Illinois 60187
voice: (630) 668-1141
fax: (630) 668-1890

"The HypnoCoach
® Certification Course is an excellent course - easily one of the best hypnosis-related courses I've taken at the NGH Conference (or anywhere else for that matter). Lisa is an outstanding facilitator, very personable and extremely knowledgeable. So much so that I even hired her as my own coach/mentor (Distance Internship  Program) after the class and she has made a huge, positive impact on me and my practice - I am reaching my own goals and actually have paying clients now!
The course is well designed and very interesting. You will actually go through the HypnoCoach® process you will eventually use with your own clients. Lisa's specific HypnoCoach® process is an inspired combination that creates outstanding results. I highly recommend this course, and Lisa's service as a mentor."   Shelley Curto

"I totally enjoyed your class. It's refreshing to take a class where not only are we entertained with great stories, we get to soak in lots of useful and great information.  I've gone to hundreds of presentations at the convention. In case you don't know this, Lisa, you are one of NGH's top presenters."  Wendy Merron

 "Becoming a HypnoCoach
® has re-inspired me to help others in different ways.  Dr. Lisa is a great teacher, motivator, and is quite generous with her support of her students.  Thank you for breathing passion back into my purpose!"  Margaret Gates

"One of the best classes I've taken.  Lisa's great! - This is one of the best laid-out materials of any course I've taken to date.  I thoroughly enjoyed the two days... I really like Lisa's style: she's fun, entertaining, and makes the information interesting.  I feel prepared and confident to work as a HypnoCoach
®."  Kim Toffoli

"I highly recommend this class.  It was the BEST convention experience I've had so far (in four years)."  Robert Monteux

"I feel honored to have had such a wonderful experience learning with you.  Thank you Lisa, you are a great teacher!  Very organized, and immediately doable tasks to get started.  Feels great to feel you have the tools to use!  Sally Trumble

"Thanks to Lisa for her well-structured HypnoCoach
® course and engaging teaching style.  One of the best pre/post convention courses I have attended." Beryl Comar

"You met all my expectations... I couldn't be happier.  Great pace and excellent delivery, great rapport with all class members."  Elizabeth Early Sheehan

"I most appreciate the thoroughness of the material and Lisa's style of delivery... Very practical, excellent course... I recommend it highly."  Lee Pelletier

"I appreciate Lisa's expertise and delivery style.  Workbook and client forms are most useful. 
Excellent program! Lisa is the best!"  Susan Lane

"I am very excited that Lisa Halpin is going to offer her years of experience as a HypnoCoach
® to others in the form of a specialized NGH Certification Course.  I know that this certification program is one that can help hypnotists to reach a new level of client service.  It provides an opportunity for follow-up and encouragement for success far beyond the normal hypnosis experience.  It's one of the most thorough, organized, and rewarding programs presented in many years.  I personally consider Dr. Lisa Halpin to be one of the most gifted and professional hypnotists in the country, and encourage anyone to take this course who seriously wants to improve and expand their hypnosis practice."
Michael R. Hathaway, DCH, FNGH, NGH Certified Instructor
White Mountain Hypnosis Center, Madison, NH
author of "Everything Hypnosis", "Everything Psychic", "A Complete Idiot's Guide to Past Life Regression"

"I'd like to recommend the new HypnoCoach
® certification course invented and taught by Dr. Lisa Halpin.
I have been attending her seminars and workshops for years because she is one of a few instructors whose material is useful the very next day in practice and the rest of your professional career. I have attended seminars for over 35 years all over this country and from many different educational sources and highly recommend this and anything taught by this interesting, caring and motivating presenter."
Dr. Ronald A. Goldstein
Chelmsford, MA
Chiropractic Physician
Certified Hypnotherapist
Certified Hypnosis Instructor

What some of my coaching clients say**:

"I have worked with Dr Lisa Halpin and benefited from her HypnoCoach® techniques for 14 years. She has helped me with such issues as teeth grinding, stress related to my divorce at the same time I moved to a new city for work, professional coaching in my career that has resulted in tripling my income potential while crafting a resume that reflects leadership and success, and a deeper understanding of how to deal with difficult inter-personal situations in both my professional and personal life. Through the use of her techniques, I have learned how to navigate my life such that I own only what I can personally control. This has resulted in a greater sense of accomplishment and inner peace."

"I have used Dr. Lisa as a career coach for the past 11 years and have felt it was the best investment I have ever made. One employer found it so valuable that they were more than happy to allow the coaching as an expense as it reflected dramatically in my sales numbers over the previous year. In the 9 years and 4 job transitions I have had, Dr. Lisa has coached me through every one of these changes. My income has tripled and I now have confidence in my skills and worth. I have even engaged Dr. Lisa recently in helping to assess a professional situation by inviting her to attend a work -related event where I needed an external read on a personality dynamic that was having a direct impact on my ability to do my job effectively. She has always been there for me."

"I have learned that, while there are lots of books and people out there who can help you deal with how you react to situations, I wanted to understand WHY I reacted the way I did. I knew my life balance depended on understanding the reactions and how to manage and navigate was the key. Without HypnoCoaching, I would not have the inner-strength and intuitive understanding I possess today. I no longer fear stress and the internalizing of stress that used to occur in my life as I know now how to manage it. When people ask me how I have acquired this peace and understanding, I refer them to Dr. Lisa. People think nothing about paying for assistance with their teeth or their bodies. I encourage them to also consider paying for someone to help balance mentally as well. It has been worth every penny I have invested and then some."

"Thank you, again, and again, and again,…"
A. M.
Telecommunications Manager
Chanhassen, MN

"Dr. Lisa taught me how to relax and focus on issues and priorities.  These seemingly simple things are difficult to get across to people.  The result of learning and applying these lessons is dramatic.  As one example, I was an employee of large corporations.  I am now the president of two successful companies, have been an adjunct professor at a university in my area of business expertise."

"HypnoCoaching is a way to help people focus on their strengths, and the steps needed to accomplish you goals.  Dr. Lisa has helped me create goals lists, and use decision grids to effectively move toward those goals."

"I have attended some of Dr. Lisa's training sessions (as subject matter).  Given my experience teaching at both the graduate and undergraduate level, I found her command of the material and method of education effective.  She builds on previous knowledge with succinct points that are well illustrated.  She is one of the finest educators I have met."
James G. Williams
Roseburg, Oregon
President, Communications Solutions LLC
Contented Husband and Father

 "Dr. Lisa - What have I gotten from being a HypnoCoach
® client with you? It's been 16 years, 2 job searches, a few moves, countless problems with marriage and you have helped me immeasurably in keeping me sane.  I will be proud to have you use my name, address and the fact that I was a chemist and engineer."

Edward W. Falkard
Chemist and Engineer (now retired)
Penn Valley, California

"Dr. Lisa Halpin has been my personal/business coach and personal advocate for over 17 years.  While I have been a HypnoCoach
® client, she's helped me in many ways over the years both in my personal and professional life.  Here are some of the highlights:"
                "Dr. Lisa --
Helped me pass a professional licensing exam as a Registered Geologist.
Helped me improve my performance at my jobs when I was working as an employee.
Helped me to get a large increase in pay when I changed jobs several years ago.
Helped me become the President of my national professional association  
Helped me be calm during my first pregnancy and birth with hypnosis for birthing.
Helped me with pain control and healing to get back "on my feet" quickly after foot surgery.
Helped me with my personal relationships with my family, friends, and professional peers and clients.
When I started my own consulting firm, she helped me make the transition from employee to successful business owner and has helped me move my business forward quickly.  I got my first client contract within 3 months and became profitable within six months of quitting my job. 
Has inspired me to go with my gut instinct, and trust my decisions. 
Has helped me to come up with solutions for questions I've had in my business. 
Has inspired me to create a life and reality for myself, and reached goals that I wouldn't have expected.
Helped me to become more confident in myself and my decisions and choices.
Has helped me to change my attitude towards life and realize that I am the one in charge of my own happiness.
Has helped me to understand how the mind works which in turn has helped me with raising my children         and my relationships with my husband and family."

A. C.
Environmental Consulting, happy wife and mother... 

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Learn About Becoming a Certified HypnoCoach® -
For Your Clients' Success and Your Own! 
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Lisa Halpin - the originator of HypnoCoaching