After the NGH Convention...

Every year I go to visit my dear friends
Mike and Penny Hathaway
for some wonderful R&R on the mountain.

It has become somewhat of a tradition that I share a class or workshop(s)
at the White Mountain Hypnosis Center while I'm there. This year the class is not just for hypnotists, but anyone
interested in learning more about Astrology!

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Have you always wanted to know more about "What's in the stars" for you? Since time began, humans have looked up at the sky and wondered about its influence on their lives - from the elements that bring us sunshine, rain and electricity, to the revolving patterns of the stars!

I'm not a professional astrologer, but I was an 'understudy' to a great astrologer for many years and have studied and used astrology even longer, so I know more than most folks about what the stars mean in our lives.

In this class I'll share with you the basics of the signs, symbols, elements, aspects, nodes, transits and returns. Including what gifts and challenges you brought into this life and what you need to evolve, and what times in your life past, present and future bring you learning opportunities for growth. With what you learn you'll be able to work with astrology charts, programs, and books - to further explore your chart or others.  You will not know everything there is to know, as this is a fascinating life-long topic of study, but you'll know enough to keep exploring with the many resources I'll share.

Important!! IF you register before August 10th AND provide me with your exact birthdate, time and place, you'll receive two free charts - your birthchart and your solar return for this year. (email to the address in the graphic above) If you already have your birthchart, please send the info anyway for your solar return.

NOTE: Please bring paper, pen or pencil, highlighters and sticky notes are also handy and any astrology books you might have! Also bring any charts that you already have!  I'd like everyone to come with a good basic astrology book for reference - if you don't have one, I'll send you some suggestions after I receive your registrations!

This is a one day, all day class: CLICK HERE to REGISTER EARLY for the bargain discount price of $69 by Aug. 10th to also receive 2 free personal charts (if you provide detailed birth info by 8/10 via email to

Regular registration starting Aug. 11th will be $79.

Hosted by
The White Mountain Hypnosis Center
in beautiful Madison, NH

At:  White Mountain Hypnosis Center --
 428 Conway Road (Rt 113) Madison, NH 03849 603.367.8851