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What will you get with my Distance Internship?

Mentoring -- Coaching -- Training
Advising -- Sounding Board -- Support

Mentoring - can be viewed as a more experienced person who has traveled many roads, taking a less experienced person 'under their wing'... To guide that person along the road before them and helping them navigate the turns, the potholes, the detours, the traffic, and the weather along the way.

Coaching - as defined in my own curriculum, includes the use of encouragement, support, guidance, motivation and commitment to help individuals lead a balanced, complete and fulfilling life, including overcoming obstacles and moving forward toward achieving a successful and fulfilling life of their choice.

Training - the "businessdictionary.com" defines training as "Organized activity aimed at imparting information and/or instructions to improve the recipient's performance or to help him or her attain a required level of knowledge or skill."

Advising -- is to offer advice or counsel; to provide suggestions, opinions or recommendations about possible best courses of action.

Sounding Board -- is a person or group on whom one tries out an idea or approach as a means of evaluating it before it is brought out publicly.  Someone who listens and gives feedback which provides perspective that may not have been available previously.

Support -- is to promote the interests or cause of someone or something; to help hold something in place to keep it from falling or sinking.

The number of Interns I take at one time is limited,
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Testimonials: (note: I keep my Intern's information confidential and testimonials are voluntary)
As a fledgling graduate of NGH's Hypnosis Certification course I emerged with a sense of wonderment and excitement at the prospects of my new career.  I couldn't wait to take on the world, get my business off to a roaring start, super-ignite my passions to help people in a big, big way, get going, get out there… anybody know this story?  Then came the giant question-the one every new CH asks-"What do I do now?" 

By Divine Circumstance I discovered Lisa Halpin about 5 months after receiving certification.  And I've fervently thanked heaven every day since then.  Lisa's internship program runs amazingly smoothly and efficiently.  I have often expressed to her that I wish she could just download all the information from her head into mine-but that's cheating... so she makes me think for it!  Each session is organized, practical, and somehow the topic is always perfectly delivered at the exact time it is needed.  She's an amazing support system, answers every question respectfully and patiently (even the dumb ones!) as only a gifted teacher can do.  In my internship with Lisa I've learned to trust my clinical instincts PLUS get all the behind the scenes business details worked out, from creating  business cards and brochures to learning and implementing  marketing strategies.  She has guided and nudged me into unchartered territory, just a tad out of my comfort zone I might add, but in the end I was grateful for the encouragement -- as I don't know if I would have had the courage to take my hypnosis career to the next level without her expertise.  Thank you Lisa!

With Deepest Respect and Gratitude,

Wendy L. Schaetz, CH, M.S. CCC/SLP
Certified Consulting Hypnotist
Speech/Language Pathologist


Many years ago I began to be approached by hypnotists at the NGH Convention who wanted to learn from me
in a more personal way than taking a course or a class.

That's how my Distance Internship began.

Distance Internship is how I describe it, because it's the closest term I can think of that is somewhat explanatory.  Many hypnotism instructors provide 'internship' opportunities for their students, generally to work in the instructor's office seeing clients and learning by being 'on the job' -- and that's a great way to learn.  Sometimes they may be paid a salary or a percentage, or even work for free.

However, some people would like to be creating (or re-creating)
their own practice instead of building someone else's.

Generally, my Interns have been people who took a class with me at convention, or heard about me by referral, or by way of synchronicity... and several of them I had not met in person. 

In this Distance Internship, the focus is not
about you helping to build my practice or work with my clients...
not at all.

It's about me helping you to boost your
confidence and build your practice
into whatever you want it to become,
 and helping you move past
 whatever obstacles may be in the way.

What do we work on?
Techniques, marketing, practice structure and organization, PR/outreach, technology how-to, developing products / programs / processes, script-writing, intake development, managing client sessions including challenging issues and problem clients, and much more -- you name it!  I also provide you with forms, formats, tools and resources along the way.  The process is very fluid and focuses on what you need at the time.  All of this is done via phone and email, or meeting in my private virtual conference room when needed, so that's how we manage the "Distance" part.

Why work with me?
You can read my short hypnotism bio here, but what it doesn't tell you is that I also have a Business degree in Marketing specializing in Market Research, and a background in executive management, project management and experience in the telecommunication and computer industry.  As the originator of HypnoCoaching® I also have extensive experience coaching many kinds of business professionals, and am featured as an "Expert Advisor" in "How to Position Yourself as the Obvious Expert" by Elsom Eldridge, Jr.  And, I've been practicing hypnotism for 25 years. Yes, I started young.  :~)

Along the way, I probably have encountered
 many of the things you'll encounter
 as you build your practice and work with clients.

Many new or established hypnotists find that they have the passion and the interest to succeed in this profession, but somehow there is something missing in how to put it all together to make it work.  Often people get overwhelmed or disenchanted and give up, and we lose hypnotists who could have been making a difference in someone's life.  Other people are the perpetual students, always taking another course, buying another product, and wondering why that doesn't help them build their practice.  All those things are great, but one has to know what to do with what they've learned, and has to take action and move forward.

Perhaps it's time that you invest in building your practice.

You may be wondering what this will cost... there is a time commitment, to give you time to begin to experience your success; and the cost per hour is less than what you should be charging your clients.

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I had finished my NGH hypnosis training and certification two years previous to meeting Lisa Halpin, but I hadn't done anything with it. I realized that I was lacking confidence in and feeling isolated with my practice. I live in a rural area and had no other hypnotists to turn to for advice. After I finished Lisa's HypnoCoaching course, however, I broached the subject of an internship with her. It turned out to be the best thing I could have done for my professional development. There's no one like Lisa--knowledgeable, resourceful, patient!, encouraging, supportive, and empowering. She helped me define and refine the direction I wanted to take with my hypnosis practice. Every mentoring call was a gem of information, wisdom, and growth for me.

I am very grateful for the distance internship I had with Lisa Halpin and I would recommend this program to anyone without hesitation. It is built around your needs and goals so what could be better?
D. Maya Lazarus
Certified Consulting Hypnotist
Certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner
Certified HypnoCoach

"Lisa has provided me with more tools than I could have imagined possible in addition to guidance and expertise that I value greatly. Having Lisa's unique perspective and genuine desire to help me better my business is wonderful. Thank you Lisa!"

Frankie Elder
Certified Consulting Hypnotist

"I hired Lisa as my coach/mentor through her Distance Internship Program. I made the decision to hire Lisa after attending her HypnoCoach Certification Course at the NGH Conference. Lisa is an outstanding coach, very personable and extremely knowledgeable. She has made a huge, positive impact on me and my practice - I am reaching my own goals and actually have paying clients now! I highly recommend Lisa's HypnoCoach certification course and her Distance Internship Program."

Shelley Curto
Certified Consulting Hypnotist
Certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner

"Dear Lisa, It is a pleasure to write this recommendation for you. I met Lisa last August when I took her HypnoCoach certification workshop at the National Guild of Hypnotists. It was the best workshop I have taken and I was so impressed with her skills and knowledge and giving nature that I asked to become her intern. She has been extremely helpful in providing guidance and professional counseling that has helped me tremendously in getting my business started. I can highly recommend Lisa to anyone who needs a coach to get and keep them on the right path."

Best wishes, Jean Swanson
Certified Consulting Hypnotist
Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist