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Please take time to view at least one of the videos.... I have been involved with the Wild Divine project for a long time, and there is simply nothing else like it.  I might add it's wonderfully addictive... in a very good way.

Wild Divine is a computer / biofeedback / mind / body / Spirit interactive experience that has you 'playing' a computer experience with your mind and body - simply using your thoughts/emotions, your breath and your heartbeat. 

I get some great looks while using this on airplanes - the person next to me can't figure out how I seem to be "playing a computer game" with out using a mouse or keyboard or joystick... just my mind and a biofeedback device.
BTW - hypnotists should all be great at this! And in my opinion, this is the kind of 'computer game' that kids should be playing.

For your personal enrichment (and your client's) I very much recommend all of the following products from Wild Divine....
The Journey to Wild Divine - Passage, and Wisdom Quest
are amazing Mind/Body/Spirit interactive biofeedback experiences which teach you to exercise, control, and expand your Mind/Body/Spirit connection while you 'play' the coolest games ever.  Begin with The Passage, and then progress to Wisdom Quest to help integrate the skills into your daily life.

Relaxing Rhythms is specifically a biofeedback meditation training program which continues to improve your "Adaptive Coherence... bringing your mind, body, thoughts, and emotions into alignment." 

There is also a "Grapher" expansion pack which shows your biofeedback data during "The Passage" or as a biofeedback grapher used outside of these programs. 

If you love it as much as I do, there is a "Super Bundle Pack" so you can get it all!
Disclosure: I may or may not receive an affiliate commission from any or all of these products. However, they are all things that I currently use or have used, or consider them to be of relevance to share with others. No warranty or guarantee for any particular use is expressed or implied.
Scroll down to find info on my "Magic Pen" -- from LiveScribe,
SiteSpinnerPro -- my website design software, and more....

Demo Journey to the Wild Divine - Passages and Wisdom Quest below
click on the video screen at end to go to product
Demo of Relaxing Rhythms below
click on video screen at end to go to product
Nothing to buy - just enjoy this inspiring
"Postcard" from the Wild Divine:
My *Magic Pen*
If you've seen me use it,
you know what it does!
If not, ask me about it.
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Deepak Chopra's Secrets of Meditation
The newest offering with Deepak Chopra
Secrets of Meditation
from the Wild Divine:
New from Wild Divine -- Secrets of Meditation...
a tool to help 'train' one to meditate effectively to promote wellness.  Joining the technology of Wild Divine with the wisdom of Deepak Chopra.
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