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The Hypnotists Professionals Directory is a great place to be FOUND!
Specifically for our profession, and optimized for web search results.
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And my Graduates, be sure to list yourself as a HYPNOCOACH!
Do your own Webinars - 
for less than the cost of lunch!
Ok, one of the services I'm most jazzed about could revolutionize your practice.  Just like HypnoCoaching helps us work at a distance with clients over the phone and by email, this service will allow you to work with your clients or students or colleagues face-to-face in a private
conference room, 24/7... and has all the amenities of an actual conference room.  Want to show a powerpoint? Got it.  Want to share your desktop? Got it.  Want to have people come up to talk at the front of the class to share? Got it.  Want to show Videos, give handouts, have a private side conversation, move to a breakout room?  Got it!
GVO Conference has it all...
Whether you want to teach classes or seminars, or meet with your clients, or work on a project with a client, or just visit with family, it's a great service.

I'm really thrilled with this service, and have been using it for nine months.  On top of all the great features, the company is responsive and provides training and webinars on all kinds of helpful topics.

The best part? It costs less per month than you probably paid for lunch today! That's right -- virtually everyone can afford it.  And, if you want to be paid for using the service, they have an affiliate program, so if you want to share it with others after you sign up, you can even earn money.  I have put this thing through it's paces, and I'm still impressed!

GVO Conference WORKS!
Try it Today...

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to read about all the features.  And I've even got it set up to give you a free 7 day trial!  Enjoy!

If you want some ideas of what to do with a Webinar... this is the perfect place to start

Need a great business phone system,
voicemail, fax, and toll-free number ?

Need a great place to host your website(s)
free built-in marketing tools
for less than the cost of your lunch?
(and you can be a money making affiiliate!)