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Read my thoughts about Messages from the Universe below:

What if the Universe sent you a personalized
message of insight and inspiration each day?

Maybe some of you have heard of Mike Dooley, or seen him on TV or heard him on radio... but I hadn't, until just recently, when someone cared enough to share this wonderful service with me (thanks, Frankie!).  I even teach "Creating with Intentions" and yet somehow, I hadn't come across information about this interesting man or his terrific website.

In our profession, we spend lots of time and energy finding ways to motivate, encourage, and hopefully inspire our clients... but who does that for you?

It doesn't cost anything to join Tut's Adventurers Club - just click the link above and look for the free sign-up for "Messages from the Universe".  Even more 'cool' -- as you register, you'll find that it asks for a couple of personal goals or aspirations you may have, so that the Universe can remind you about them from time to time.  And then daily, you'll find an email from "The Universe" in your inbox, Monday thru Friday, with an often thought-provoking, inspirational message.  Maybe it will apply to you each day, or perhaps you'll find it to be a 'hint' regarding a client, or something you'll feel the need to share with a loved one.

While you're on the site, also check out the books, audios, and other info available from Mike Dooley and free inspirational e-cards... I've just ordered some things myself.  After you're done browsing there, click "back" to come back to this site.

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I love his motto (sounds like the work we do, huh?) :
"Thoughts Become Things... Choose the Good Ones!"
(copyright Mike Dooley)