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What DO Those Numbers Mean?
Did you know there is logical meaning behind all those course numbers in the catalog! 
A "1" as the first course number indicates it's a Friday class, 2 is Saturday and 3 is Sunday.

The second number indicates how long the class is; 1 is a one-hour, 2 is a two-hour, and 3 is a three-hour.  Can you decipher how the rest of the number tells you what time the class is? 

And yes, there is a rhyme and reason to the pre/ and post/ convention also, but I'll just give you a hint here; 1 as the first number indicates Pre, and 2 indicates Post… see if you can figure out the rest!
Joanne Abrahamsen
13011 -ABC's Of Hypnosis -Theory, Induction & Practice Of Hypnosis For Pain Reduction/Elimination
210802 - A World of Inductions!
22047 - A World of Inductions! - A Potpourri Of Induction Techniques

Rev. Lindsay Bates
12092 - Last Tuesday in The Sanctuary - Or Anyplace Else!
Develop, Present and Maintain an Ongong Group Hypnotism Program  in Your Community

Deborah Faithrose Coatney
210112 - Extreme Marketing For Extreme Situations

Beryl Comar
21023 - EQ Can Help Your Business
31111 - Healing a Broken Heart

Janet Crain
11105 - Transform Detrimental Habits Easily
12022 - Unlock The Hidden Treasures -The Finger Focus Technique
Combined With Tree Drawing Interpretation To Reinforce New Behaviors

Shelley Curto
12094 - Building Resilience Holistically-
Techniques To Adapt To Change And Bounce Back From Any Situation

Barbara J. Davison
11097 - The Diva And Divo Within
12118 - HE SAID, SHE SAID -The Power of Listening & Communicating

Vilene Farina
310105 - Educate Your Community While Building Our Profession

Catherine Gambardella
310222 - Psychic Shopping

C. Scot Giles

12111 - How A Consulting Hypnotist Can Design A Practice In Complementary Medical Hypnotism
-Have A Practice That Results In A Six-Figure Income Using Referrals
221101 - Ethics And Legal Issues For The Consulting Hypnotist 2014
-Where Does Our Profession Stand With Legislation
224 - Complementary Medical Hypnotism Certification (Post-Convention)

Lisa Halpin (click here to see my other classes at convention)

Michael Hathaway
11114 - Hypnosis And The Law of Attraction
12026 - Conversational Past Life Regression -
Creating Past Life Trances While a Client is in a Waking State

Polly Humphreys
310108 - Sports Mental Training - HOW To Get IN

Susan Iacono
21032 - You're Certified, Now What?

Christine Jones
21041 - Work It Out!

Elizabeth Marian Kilkenny
221105 - Tapping Into the Bariatric Weight Market with Hypnosis - Bariatric Surgery for the Mind

Laura Boynton King
13091 - 6 Keys To Winning Sports -Valuable Tools To Replace A Losing Mentality With The Winning  Edge In Any Sport
32086 - Feel Great & Lose Weight -
All You Need To Know To Run A Wellness & Weight Management Program
211 - Hypnosis for Moving Through Illness (Post-convention)

Marcel Klasen
11042 - Chakra Hypnosis
220910 - The Power Of Sound  -
How To Use Sound, Voice, And Music In Harmony With Hypnosis

Tony Kyprios (with Leigh Ann Ledbetter)
21113 - Little People, Big Profit, Huge Market
22048 - Big Fun And Games = Bigger Success And Healing - Giving Hope To Our Children's Future

Dan LaRosa
311205 - Secrets Of A Successful Stage Hypnotist

Jason Linett
11024 - Ride Your Elevator Talk
120701 - Strengthen Your Ego-Strengthening - Build Success With A Universal Technique
220903 - Automate Your Business For Bigger Profits - Successful Strategies For Maximum Results

Janice Matturo
21052 - How To Use DreamsTo Empower Your Clients

Wendy Merron
 - Kick Up Your Pre-Talk

Wendy Packer
- Hypnotic Charisma: How to Use Hypnosis to Become More Charismatic (Pre-convention)
(with Ralph Benko)
11125 - Use Hypnosis To Look Younger Plus More Beautiful
221106 - How to Be the "Expert" in Taking Care of the Caregiver -- Learn Everything from A to Z
31093 - RX for Hypnosis Awareness in the Medical Community
32024 - How To Use Hypnosis To Look Younger Plus More Beautiful And Handsome -
Easy, Sweet, Self-Hypnosis Is How!

Billy Schilling
12093 - Color In Suggestion & Depth Testing - Waking & Trance Uses Of Color
21111 - Hypnosis Neurobiology & Depth Testing
22042 - Theories Of Hypnosis And Practice -The Neurobiology & Social Psychology Of Hypnosis

Rosemarie Schulman
210811 - Everything You Wanted To Know About Getting Medical Referrals
221105 - Tapping Into the Bariatric Weight Market with Hypnosis - Bariatric Surgery for the Mind

Fern Tausig
31112 - Winning The Losing Game: End The Struggle With Diets

Janet Wagner
311210 Hypnosis For Phantom Sensations

Dawn Whiting
11123 - Business 101Basics
12048 - Business 101 - Building Your Business Profitably From The Ground Up

Deborah Yaffee
21043 - The Labyrinth Induction
32028 - Free Your New Age Clients From Negative Hypnotic Imprinting By Ignorant Astrologers

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